Earthen Clay Pot for Cooking

The product is Black Earthen Clay pot for cooking food with capacity of 3 litres.

The turned products is dried in the sun and shade for few hours and finally fired. The pots are stacked together with wood and hay at a temperature of about 1200 degreeC. When the firing is almost coming to an end, the artisan seals all the vents of the kiln, allowing a smoky atmosphere to be created inside the kiln, giving the pottery a greyish black hue.

Benefits of Using Clay Pots for Cooking:

  • The clay pots heats gradually and cooks the food slowly as compared to aluminium or other metallic utensils. This lets the food retain more nutritive value than food prepared in other kinds of utensil. Also, meat prepared in clay pots remains juicy and tender.
  • Clay pots are porous in nature which allows both steam and heat to circulate through the food and results in thorough yet aromatic cooked food.
  • Cooking in clay pot requires comparatively less oil.
  • Clay pots are alkaline in nature and help in regulating the PH balance of the food by interacting with the acid present in the food.
  • The food cooked in earthen pots gets added iron, calcium, magnesium and other minerals.
  • The unglazed clay pots are biodegradable, environment friendly, sustainable and being sourced from artisans, help in community development.

How to Use Clay pot for cooking on Stoves:

  • For cooking on stove-top, start on low heat and gradually increase the temperature.
  • Sudden rise or fall of the temperature make lead to cracking.
  • Also do not place a hot clay pot directly from stove on a cold or cool surface, as it will crack. So when taking a hot pot from the stove, always place it on a wood/ heat resistant trivet or a towel.

How to clean the Clay Pot:

  • As the clay is porous, you cannot clean it using soap or normal dishwashing detergent. The clay will soak, the soap in during cleaning and leach it into the next meal you cook in the pot.
  • Instead, you need to clean a clay pot using hot water and a stiff brush.
  • If you have cooked with onion and garlic and want to remove odours, use baking soda, rock salt etc.
  • A better practise is to use different pots for different types of recipes like having different pots for savoury and sweet dishes.

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