Compost Bin for Home

A Compost Bin converts bio-degradable waste that is generated in our kitchen into organic manure. Compost, is a soil additive so rich in plant nutrients that it’s nicknamed “black gold”.  Everyday, a lot of biodegradable nutrient rich waste is generated in your kitchen as fruit & vegetable peels, uneaten leftovers, wilted vegetables, tea & coffee grounds.  Compost bins help you turn a lot of your organic kitchen waste — and natural yard waste — into a nutrient-rich soil additive that helps plants grow. Composting is also the next logical step in your sustainable living guide after switching to healthy organic food.

What all is required for Composting ?

Composting is not at all that difficult, tiresome or boring that it may sound. It also does not take much of time. With ready to use Composting kits, one can easily start composting their kitchen waste in minutes. Equipment wise composting at home requires following things:

  1. Special air-tight containers, with tap at bottom to drain of generated liquid. The air-tightness helps to speed up the process & keeps the foul smell away.
  2. Bokashi compost-maker bacteria, helps to accelerate the process of fermentation.
  3. Coco-peat, absorbs the nutrient rich liquid, adds to volume of compost & serves as the base.
  4. Hand-pressing tool, to press the waste in compost bin.

Prakati Recommendation: Trust Basket Trustbin -Indoor Compost Bin 

Why Trustbin ?

Trustbin is one of the best selling smart compost bins on the Amazon, with more than 400 positive reviews and an average rating of 3.8 out of 5. Also their kit essentially has all required items to start composting at home. Trust basket’s composting kit includes:

  1. Smart Composting Trustbin Bucket – 2 Nos.
  2. Lids – 2 Nos.
  3. Filter
  4. Coco-peat
  5. Bokashi compost powder
  6. Jaggery pack
  7. Manual

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How to make Compost using Compost Bin ?

The process of making compost using compost bin is fairly simple. The package also comes with a  simple instruction manual that you can follow. However, you can also just follow these simple steps to start turning your food waste to manure.

  • Step 1: Add small amount of jaggery powder at the base of trustbin smart compost bin
  • Step 2: Place the filter
  • Step 3: Place a layer of newspaper.
  • Step 4: Add small amount of compost maker.
  • Step 5: Add food waste
  • Step 6: Add another small amount of compost maker
  • Step 7: Press the food waste.
  • Step 8: Close the lid
  • Add small amounts of compost maker as you keep adding the layers of garbage.
  • Once the indoor compost bin is full, you need to keep it closed for 15 days.

The By-product: Liquid fertiliser

With the use of tap provided at bottom of compost bin, you can harvest liquid fertilizer every 3 days during the 15 days you keep the bin-sealed. The liquid removed is loaded with microbes and nutrients and makes an extremely effective natural fertilizer.

Liquid fertilizer is acidic and should be diluted at a rate of 1:30 parts water, which can be used to fertilize your pot plants or garden. 

What to add, what not to add to your compost bin ?

It can be used to compost all types of organic food wastes, including wilted fruits and vegetables, prepared oily, spicy, or citrus food, cheese, eggs, bread, cooked and uncooked meats, fish, coffee grinds, tea bags, wilted flowers, etc.

This does not work with liquids such as milk, fruit juice, or any other liquid food wastes. This bin does not require any set-up. You need to follow simple instructions for recycling your food wastes. It is prepared from BPA-free plastics.

Pros & Cons of Trustbin Smart Composting Bin:


  • Decent design & product look, do not need to hide. The size of the product make it fit to keep under your kitchen sink.
  • Does not produce odour/ foul smell.
  • Easily to assemble, store & stackable.


  • Not truly sustainable choice, the basket is made from plastic, which is not eco-friendly. Though it makes product light-weight, cost-effective, & long-lasting. 

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By using the Compost bin to recycle your kitchen waste, you are not only preventing waste from entering the landfill, it is also saving money in the purchase and transportation of the traditional compost previously required for the plants.

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