Going Green at Harleen Kaur

Going Green at Harleen Kaur

Designer and founder, Harleen Kaur Chhabra, spent several years working with amazing teams at various fashion labels in New York, where her desire to blend her American, Punjabi, and Thai culture to create unique, versatile clothing gave rise to Brand Harleen Kaur. The Indian brand has expanded in the US market exponentially and prides itself in creating chic and stylish fusion wear garments through 100% sustainable methods.

Brand Harleen Kaur carries a full line of casual and formal Indian Wear from menswear, ¬†womenswear, and kidswear. Their versatile collections blend traditional Indian clothing with modern Western concepts that are ethically produced in New York City’s historic Garment District.

Sustainable Practices at Harleen Kaur

Manufacturing Locally

New York City has one of the oldest garment districts in the country. Team Harleen Kaur has carefully selected factories that were not only compliant with federal and local labor laws, but were doing their part to keep their workers happy and safe. By keeping production here locally, they have complete oversight throughout every step of the process and are able to design ready-to-wear, custom and couture Indian clothing a lot quicker and more efficiently. 

Small Batch Production

From traditional Indian clothing, to more fusion Indo-western pieces, producing in limited quantities allows Harleen Kaur to control the quality of the garments and to produce only what the brand anticipates the need to be. 

Sustainable Packaging

The brand is packaging each garment in packages that are made from Bio-Cassava and are both compostable and biodegradable. Unlike other compostable garment packaging bags out there, these bags contain no petroleum element and are non-toxic. 


STeP by OEKO-Tex certifies that factories producing any textile and leather products are environmentally friendly. This certification ensures, among other things, the health and safety for workers, confirms that overall working conditions are good, and guarantees the factory is reducing wastewater and managing chemical and CO2 emissions.

This year you can find multiple styles made from OEKO-Tex certified fabrics, from viscose derived from biodegradable wood pulp, to floral print cottons, and even some partially recycled cottons and polyesters

Fabric Scrap

Instead of discarding fabric Scrap, Harleen Kaur is turning the fabric scraps into pocket squares, headbands, (and more recently face masks!) to limit waste. 


The 2020 collection features 100% recycled polyester brand labels. All of the hangtags that are on the outside of each garment will be made from 100% recycled paper as well. The thank you notes are made from recycled paper embedded with seed. 

Fall 2020 Edit for Wedding Season

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