The Little Farm Co: Preservative Free Pickles

The Little Farm Co

The Little Farm Co is a startup that offers handcrafted, farm fresh, traditional, clean, preservative and additive free food. The company specialises in pickles that have been made using the traditional pickle recipes. 

Their best selling line of pickles include Adrak Hari-mirch pickle, Mango Pickle, Garlic Pickle, amongst others. However, they also provide superfoods like a mix of seeds, berries and nut in some real mind-blowing flavours like blueberry almonds, pan almonds to name a few. 

Working on a farm to fork model, the Little Farm Co owns nearly 400 acres of lush farm lands in a village called Paharapurwa (about 16km from Khajuraho), Madhya Pradesh, where there is no industrial activity and fruits, vegetables and spices are grown using organic farming practices. The are currently working to replace synthetic vinegar with vinegar made from sugarcane juice.

Niharika Bhargava-The-Little-Farm-Co-Pickle


Niharika Bhargava

Coming from an entrepreneurial family background, Niharika Bhargava, founder of The Little Farm Co is on a mission against packaged products that are filled with additives and preservatives. Niharika works out of Delhi with a team of six members and shuttles between her farm, located in M.P and Delhi.

Her employees at the production unit are mostly women belonging to the socio-economically disadvantaged section of the society.


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