Bombus beeswax wraps

Bombus BeeWraps

Introducing, Bombus, that makes beeswax food wraps. Bombus beeswax wraps are naturally made using 100% organic pure cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil, and pine resins. They are the perfect reusable alternative to single-use plastic food wrap and zip-lock bags. They can be used to store half-cut vegetables, seal and carry fruits, keep green leafy vegetables fresh, and even cover any left-over salad or food bowls. 

We’re a community of women based out of New Delhi in India, driving sustainability and change at every level of association in our ecosystem.

Bombus Founder Nikita


Nikita Jagetia 

The story of the origin of Bombus dates back to the amusement from Grandmama’s sustainable kitchen.

Bombus founder Nikita is passionate about sustainability and reducing the use of single use plastic. Having worked in the branding and packaging industry, Nikita was aghast with the amount of fashion and plastic waste witnessed each day.

It is from here that she wanted to do something strong enough to drive a change that made a difference in every household. After much contemplation, she decided on experimenting to design a product that replaced the single use plastic and cling films in the kitchen.

The inspiration came from soaked cloth used by her grandmother to wrap coriander and chillies. And after many permutations and combinations, we came up with the perfect consistency of the very handcrafted piece of Bombus to cater to young urban needs.

Bombus can be used as a complete alternative to cling films and ziplock bags. We can use it to wraps half cut fruits, vegetables, chillies, left over salad bowls, doughs and breads. Bombus wraps are organic, reusable, antibacterial and totally preservative-free. Bombus is made from 100% organic cotton along with beeswax, pine resins and jojoba oil. In our efforts to promote sustainability, we also use entirely plastic-free packaging.

At Bombus, we strongly advocate conservative beekeeping. We began with 2 designs. Our forest green design lists out all the herbs you can grow to conserve the bee population. Our veggies white design lists out the various fruits and veggies you can wrap with Bombus. We recently launched another design in blue to mark plastic-free July. This is called the ocean tides blue.

Our entity is entirely women owned and women run. Every wrap is handmade by several women at different stages of its creation. Every time you buy our wrap, you support a woman to be financially independent.

Bombus Products:

We aim to bring a change in every household kitchen and soon plan to launch beewrap pouches, cotton vegetable bags and several products that help eliminate single use plastic from your kitchen.

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  1. Looking for this product to sell in our counter. I am writing from BNHS, working for nature conservation and is looking for eco-friendly products to promote and to raise funds for our conservation projects.

  2. I would like to resell this product on my e-commerce platform. Can you tell me the wholesale rate for 100 pieces?

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