Amayra Naturals – Skincare Products from Uttarakhand

Amayra Naturals is beauty brand from Uttarakhand, founded by Deepa Chahal. The brand envisions to provide a holistic & conscious plant based approach to skincare researched & formulated in the Himalayas with an aim to provide a healing touch to one & all. Their products are sustainable & eco-friendly, sourced from small batch farmers, are plant-based and free from chemicals like Phthalate, Parabens & sulphates.

Amayra Naturals products are enriched with nutrient rich bio-ingredients, these are hygienically & carefully bottled in recyclable & sustainable packaging from the “Himalayas”. They usually make use of Uttarakhand’s indigenous plants such as Himalayan Haldi ( Golden Turmeric) Pahadi Gulaab (The Mountain Rose) , Apricot, Apple Seed Oil , Hemp Seed Oil. Their product cycle includes:

  1. Formulation by the Founder and her R&D Team – A Skin Enthusiast who believes in blending safe and clean formulations
  2. Correct & Ethical sourcing of Ingredients
  3. Testing of Ingredients 
  4. Hygienic production of Small Batches to maintain the Right Formulation using Ayurvedic Texts, Cold-Pressed Oils & Green Chemistry to maintain the pH Balance 
  5. Not Tested on Animals : Rather tested on the three generations of Grandma Grandpa, Ma & Daughter 
  6. Packed into our “Aipan – Uttarakhand Folk Art” Inspired Bottles – Sustainable & Recyclable Glass Packaging
  7. Dispatched to your Address 


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