Free Listing on Prakati’s Green Directory

At Prakati India, we have created this online Green Directory, to make information regarding different brands, manufacturers, stores working on improving Sustainability publicly. Listing on this green directory is free of cost and allows user to create a basic profile of their business with description of product & services provided. 

Kindly note that each of these free Listing Entries are manually checked & approved and hence do not submit spam, unqualified entries and these will be rejected. Only genuine business, however small, are allowed to list in the directory. As Prakati India is dedicated towards Sustainability, hence, businesses, initiatives working towards improving Sustainability can only list.

All type of initiatives – Individual, Small Retailers, Physical Stores, Corporates, NGO’s can register on the Green Directory for free. The only condition is they should be working on Sustainable Products & Technologies.

Listing your business on Prakati takes less than 2 minutes and provides your business information to leads, possible customers, business partners etc looking for environment friendly, sustainable products & services.

Why list on Prakati Green Directory ?

All the information that you provide – website, contact number, email address, social media handles, product images, details about your organisation – are transparently available. Consequently, you may get interesting B2B & B2C leads directly.

At Prakati, we also directly receive a number of B2B/Bulk queries related to eco-friendly products. We fulfil these queries with the help of business partners registered on our portal. 

As before approving any listing we manually, check for details submitted, along with product portfolio & hence business inquiries, we receive are matched to most authentic supplier registered on the directory. 

Further, listing on the platform is completely FREE.

Business Categories for Free Listing on Green Directory

Following categories of businesses can list on Prakati India’s Green Directory for Free:

S.No.Business CategoriesProducts & Services
1Alternate Energy ( Includes Renewable Energy
like Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Tidal,
Hydrogen etc)
Power Solutions, Thermal Energy Solutions, Water Heating,
Solar for Process heating & Products using these energy
sources like solar dryers, solar panels, solar inverters,
wind turbines etc.
2Electric Vehicles (includes EV manufacturers,
dealers, charging stations etc)
Electric Vehicles manufacturers, parts providers, battery
OEMs, Charging services including installation of
chargers, battery charging & swapping services,
charging stations.
3Sustainable Packaging Sustainable Packaging Solutions including
packaging for food, beverages, e-commerce etc
4Fashion (including Ethical, Green,
Sustainable, Slow Fashion)
Products like Clothing, Accessories &
footwear etc.
5Beauty & Wellness Products & Services based on natural ingredients,
organically produced, handmade etc.
6Food & BeveragesOrganically produced, naturally sourced
7Home & KitchenProducts that are used in Home & Kitchen
like Cleaning products, bedsheets etc.
8Office & Stationary
9 Gifting Alternate Gifting Solutions for Individuals &
Corporates that are Sustainable & Environment
10Travel & ExperienceBusiness engaged in Travel & Experience
Services like Eco-Tourism etc,
11Waste ManagementIncludes Products & Solutions for Solid Waste
management, Bio Waste to Compost, Bio-Gas
12FarmingIncludes farming supplies, products like bio-pesticides,
biofertilizers, manure, vermicompost etc.
13Environment ConservationForestry Plantations, Water Resource Conservation, Lake Conservation
14Online MarketplaceOnline Marketplaces selling eco-friendly products from multiple vendors
15EventsOrganisations conducting Events, Workshops, Festivals on Organic products, lifestyle & Sustainability
Business Categories for Free listing on Prakati India Green Directory

Free Listing of Business on Prakati is quite simple, you just need to login & click on Submit Listing or Add your business/Store. In the next step, you need to fill a basic form and the profile of your green business is created. It should not take more than 2 minutes of your time.