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Prakati encourages & provides platform to environmental enthusiasts, budding bloggers, authors, experts to publish guest post on its platform to spread knowledge, awareness and consolidate the mission of sustainable living.

Guest Posts can be submitted on following topics:

  • Sustainability ( including sustainable economy, development, technologies, innovations, knowledge etc )
  • Environment (including pollution, waste, conservation, Organic farming, food, agriculture etc)
  • Sustainable Living / Green Living / Self-sustenance, harmony with nature.
  • Nature based hobbies like gardening, terrace farming, eco-stays, eco-tourism etc.
  • NEWS articles & stories that highlight achievements, initiatives that promote sustainability.
  • Products: If you or your company/ startup is a seller on Amazon India. You can also submit articles to spread awareness regarding your product on Prakati.

What do we provide ?

All eligible articles/blog posts are published in Prakati platform with:

  • Due credit to Author including – Name & featured brief-bio.
  • Backlinks to Company Website / Author Profile / Blog.

Guidelines for Posting:

  • Articles could be related to at least one of the above mentioned topics.
  • Articles should be a minimum of 700 words.
  • Include relevant images from Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash or Flickr (Just provide Links)
  • Use proper headings and formatting
  • Every blog post should be original content and should NOT be published anywhere else on the web (including your own blog/website).
  • Only one anchor text backlink to your website, Other links can be of high authority sites only
  • We DO NOT accept post related to porn, gambling, dating, casino, nudity or any kind of drug to promote.

How to submit Guest Post

Please drop an email to or with Subject “Guest post” 

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