Clay Diyas

The Clay diyas are traditionally made using potter’s wheel by artisan folks around the country. The potters effortlessly create various shapes and sizes of diyas within few minutes by throwing the kneaded clay on the potter’s wheel. Making of clay diyas or any clay artefacts follows three major steps: that are moulding, drying and painting. Depending on the clay type the preferred diyas are made. Before removing the moulded diyas from the wheel, many patterns and designs are made using design files. Then the articles are dried and fired in kiln.

Clay Diyas by KVIC

On 8th October 2020, the Khadi & Village Industries Commission (KVIC), Government of India launched online sale of Diyas through its e-portal and in less than a month, nearly 10,000 Diyas have already been sold online. The sale of Diyas is further rising with Diwali inching closer. Following this, KVIC launched new sets of designer Diyas that are also in huge demand.  KVIC has launched 8 types of designer Diyas that are priced nominally between Rs. 84 and Rs. 108 for a set of 12 pieces. KVIC is also offering a discount of 10% on these Diyas. 

Notably, KVIC has also trained these potters and provided them with electric potter wheels and other equipment under Kumhar Sashaktikaran Yojana that has increased their production and income by up to 5 times. So far, KVIC has distributed over 18,000 electric potter wheels benefitting over 80,000 people of the Kumhar community.

KVIC Porter Clay Diya 1
KVIC Porter Diya
KVIC Porter Clay Diya 2
KVIC Porter Diya
KVIC Porter Clay Diya 3
KVIC Porter Diya

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