Bamboo Straws

Bamboo Straws

Bio-degradable | Natural | Chemical Free

Plastic Straws are one of classic examples of single use plastics.  More than 500 million straws are thrown away each day in the U.S. alone (1). Majority of these straws are made from Polypropylene, a material which degrades slowly, and along with other items smaller items are quite difficult to recycle. As a result, straws always end up in a landfill or damaging our oceans and marine wildlife. Bamboo Straws are a great alternative to single-use plastic straws. The light-weight, chemical-free and microbe-resistant bamboo straws are ideal for children as well unlike plastic straws which leech chemicals during use.

Here’s a curated list of best available Bamboo Straws:

About Bamboo Straws:

  • The straws are biodegradable as they are made from Bamboo Grass Stem.
  • These Straws are reusable and can be used for sipping your favourite fruit juice (lemonade, coconut water etc), sodas, cocktails etc.
  • They are extremely strong and durable by nature, and contain NO inks or dyes.
  • However, being a natural product, there are colour and size variations, it may degrade with use and time, may absorb food colour.
  • These are kids friendly – odourless and tasteless, non-toxic and safe.

How to Choose appropriate size Straws:

Choose your quantity and length of straws.

  • If you like to drink out of glasses, choose the longer straws (23cm).
  • For regular beverages (water, lemonade, most adult beverages), the 19cm Drinking straws are perfect!
  • For thicker drinks, like smoothies and shakes, get Smoothie straws with the wide diameter.

Cleaning Your Straws:

Before first use and after each use:

  • Soak in warm soapy water, scrub with the included brush, rinse, then leave to air dry.
  • Avoid soaking your straws for hours.
  • Not recommend for dishwashers.