Artella: Luxury vegan and cruelty free Bags

Artella is a combination of the love for Animals, Fashion and the Planet. It  is an Indian non-leather, eco-conscious, plant-based, Vegan Accessories brand that does not compromise on style or ethics. Founded in 2020, Artella aims to revolutionize the industry with minimalistic and chic animal-friendly and environment-friendly accessories that are useful for the day to day activities. Artella is driven by modern trends but are rooted in enduring style, which curates bespoke luxury vegan accessories that make a distant fashion-forward statement. The PETA certified startup intends to provide various types of fashion accessories such as, wallets, tote bags, top-handle, cross-body, laptop bags, belts etc for both men and women.

Artella practices the basic living standards essentially towards animal protection and human welfare. Their products are hand-crafted and made in India. Various sustainable practices are involved in our business cycle. The materials we use are animal cruelty-free/plant-based, the production unit involves a healthy working environment for all our employees and our products are exclusively packed in eco-friendly and bio-degradable materials. Team Artella is inspired by kindness and led by elegance, purpose, and sustainability


Rashi Sanghvi

Since childhood, Rashi has always been sensitized towards animals. She has also been vegetarian all her life and hence, has always looked for alternatives to leather products. While her studies abroad she met a lot of people who shared their ideas and beliefs and helped inspire her vision. She realized the importance of using eco-friendly products and the need for time in this era. She was always inclined towards fashion but failed to find the best quality of vegan accessories. Thus, the idea of creating designer, premium quality cruelty-free accessories was born.

In the year 2020, her vision turned into reality and Artella was launched. One thing that kept her vision alive was a question, why can’t fashion be harmless to the environment. Every material, fittings, packaging at Artella was made sure that it was eco-friendly. She did not want any element that would be harmful in any way to the environment. Very soon, she is planning to introduce bags and wallets made from Cactus and Pineapple plants.

Artella Products

Artella Handbag 2

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